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April 19, 2007



As a first time sprint tri participant in the Wild Bear this past Saturday, the importance of a good stretch ahead of time is not lost on me. But despite about 20 minutes of stretching, there are no guarantees. Pre-race, I stumbled over a rock in the trail, and, in catching myself from falling, I damaged a glute muscle:) I did complete the race, but particularly had a painful run at the end. Now I am wondering what type of aerobic exercise I can do while the glute is mending that won't further damage the muscle. Any suggestions?

Ted Darling

Swimming would certainly be a good way to keep the aerobic engine working.

Eric Hoffman

I agree that swimming would be a good choice. Kicking can be minimized initially then increased as tolerated. Some core and stength work can be done as well, particularly things like pwank (sp?) exercises and others that don't involve the gluts much. Work your way into biking slowly. You may be better off starting on the trainer and increasing this as tolerated. Lastly massage to the area of injury is usually helpful. This can be done with "the stick", foam roller or rolling pin. This seems to mobilize the painful hemosiderin and other tissue injury by-products. I found this helpful following a hip injury this spring.

Tim Davoren PT, ATC

I wonder if you have a glute injury or instead a proximal hamstring injury? The proximal HS strain is really common with that type of mechanism. Make sure you sort that out carefully as the care of it will be a bit different. Assuming it is a glute injury as you stated, I would start with casual walks and then light cycling on the hoods and tops of the bars, not in the tri position. You may need to avoid hills altogether, and stay with light resistance, high cadence outside or on trainer. Eventually work up to hikes on moderate terrain before running again. I would also get some good massage, and either use the "stick" or foam roller as recommended above by Hoffman. Eventually, some good glute strengthening ex's should be well tolerated. Do hip abduction and external rotation in mid-ranges, and eventually work up to full range, then some easy bridges and then squats. Resume light jogs when this routine is well tolerated.

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